A redpanda story

The wind caresses my fur with its gentle touch. I lift my head towards the sun basking in its warm glow. I can hear the leaves in the branches making music with each blow of the wind. The birds singing in tune with the music of the earth. I reach out to touch the tree..

“Loti! There you are, I brought you some snacks!”, yelled out Cara, my human kid.

Sigh. Another dream turned to dust. I opened my eyes and stared longingly at the trees pasted on my wall. How I long to be home again. I was captured…

Art done by Omiwaha

A New Enemy Has Arise

I touched the ground and felt the tremors of the earth. They were whispering. Death. Damnation. Evil. Doom. Dying. Help us. Help us. HELP US. SAVE US!

“Hey Kio! What are you doing on the ground?!”, shouted my neighbor from his porch.

I quickly stood up, my heart still pounding from the frantic cries of the earth. The wind echoing their voices to my ears. I mentally shook my head and turned off my supernatural hearing but not before hearing the last cry carried by the wind. “It will destroy us all. You must kill it.”

“Just checking for bugs…

Art done by Omiwaha

Our swords clashed against each other. Neither of us were willing to back down. The impact of our swords clashing against one another caused a huge ripple against the sea, causing the waves to rise higher, and crashing on the shore with a roar.

“Did you see that? That last wave was enormous!”, shouted one.

“Well, its a full moon tonight. That’s why the waves can be so gigantic!” Two humans who were watching the sea shouted.

Upon hearing that, my opponent and I drew back our swords, calling it a draw. We both bowed down in respect. My opponent…

Photo taken from https://animalsoftheworld.info/mammals/andean-bear/

Kurt, a shy spectacled farmer bear, was driving his truck back home. He was a quiet Southerner, who likes his peace and solitude away from the city. A police car suddenly came from behind him and signaled Kurt’s truck to pull over. Two policemen came out of the car and told Kurt to do the same. Kurt shyly complied and tipped his hat in greetings, he opened his mouth to say something but the police suddenly pulled their guns to him shouting at him to put his hands up in the air. Kurt did so and then bang. One of…

Photo from wired.com

Max was up at the attic when he saw some old journals. He picked up one and while he was reading it, he realized it was his great-grandfather's.

“Koko, have you seen mom? I haven’t seen her since 6 hours ago!”, asked my sister worriedly as we were getting to sleep in the morning. I told her last I saw her, she was down the field with some of her friends. My sister said she’ll go and find her as I got ready to sleep. …

Above the surface of the ocean on a sunny day, a fisherman threw his trash in the sea and sped away.

Meanwhile 2 fishes named Kev and Jo were lazily swimming around till they heard a plop above. They looked up and saw something coming straight down. They were about to swim towards it when they heard another boat coming.

“Quick! Let’s go up and maybe there might be more of those that human threw in the sea.” Quickly both fishes swam towards the surface. They were about to pop their heads up except there was an invisible force that…

photo edited by friend

Mud!!! I quickly ran to the mud and wallowed myself into it. Oh, that hits the right spot. Those damn mosquitoes just have to keep biting me where I can’t scratch. “Mama, where are you ?!” Oh shit. I forgot I had a kid. I called out to my kid to where I’m currently at. Mother or not, this buffalo needs some pamper time. My 6 month old kiddo came running with her small, cute pudgy legs. She looked lost when she saw no one. I crept closer, biting a smile when she sat transfixed at my horns the only…

Photo edited by a friend

“Good job Bagwis! but for now, you stay here, build up your strength and..” He leaned down to whisper while keeping an eye out on my mom. “most importantly, protect your mom. She may be bigger but she needs us men to keep her safe!”

A twig went flying and hit my dad. “I heard you, idiot. Now get our son to bed, its late already.” I laughed at my parent’s common jab at each other. I hopped around and snuggled more comfortably around my nest while dad gets ready to tell more tales of our ancestor’s legacy. …

Trapped. Despair. Confused
They have destroyed my home. These humans came with noisy weird thing that cut through the trees. Tree that I was sleeping on and separated me from my family. Too late it was for me to try to run away as my tail got caught on a heavy branch. These creatures with evil laugh, scruffed me by my neck and slammed me in a cage. I tried biting on the bars to escape but all it did was hurt my teeth. I was trapped with nowhere to go.

Its been a month since I have been in…


Hi! Welcome to my page. Where it’s all about 5% story and 95% blah blah blah in my head🧠💬💩. Stay sane everybody!

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