Saving an endangered life

Trapped. Despair. Confused
They have destroyed my home. These humans came with noisy weird thing that cut through the trees. Tree that I was sleeping on and separated me from my family. Too late it was for me to try to run away as my tail got caught on a heavy branch. These creatures with evil laugh, scruffed me by my neck and slammed me in a cage. I tried biting on the bars to escape but all it did was hurt my teeth. I was trapped with nowhere to go.

Its been a month since I have been in this cage and I have lost all hope of seeing my family once again. There were other redpandas besides me in cages too. We were all afraid of our fate. Different humans would come and take my fellow friends savagely away from us. We would scream for help, we would wept for our friends. But no one seems to care or listen to us.

My door creaked open and a human hand came to take me out of the only safe haven that I used to call cage. I will not die without a fight. I prepared my teeth to bite whoever was holding me captive. But instead of evil laughs, I heard soothing sounds. Instead of rough hands, I felt hands caressing my fur. These humans were not like the rest. They were saying something to me. Saying something about safe.

That was 2 weeks ago. Now I am reunited once again with my family in a new forest with humans that have dedicated themselves to keep our kind safe from extinction.

I am a redpanda.

I am free. I am home.

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Save the redpandas from extinction

Redpanda Earth is a charity token committed to saving endangered animals from extinction. Their focus right now is setting free redpandas to their natural habitat and has a mission to save other endangered animals as well. This community has been quite active, dedicated and really moving forward to pursue their goals and mission. It is not just about the token but the right cause for the world.




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